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About Me
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Name: Gentry Fox [click here for picture]

Nicknames: Fox, Jerky, Albino, Pierre

Companies: Gentry's World Productions, Rotton Llama Films




Height: 5'11"

Weight: 135lbs

Location: Wyoming

Hobbies: Filming, Video Games, Dating, Sports, Killing Gophers, Doing Stunts

Interests: Girls, Money, Computers, Movies, TV, Music, Hairless Kittens, Cars

About Me: Well, my name is Gentry and I created this site as much as the stupid ass content that is on it. I've been making videos ever since I can remember and just recently did I create this site for others to view my "works of art". I made this site in October of 2005 and its already received tens of thousands of visits from all over the world and is making people dumber by the day. I've also been considering writing a script to a full length independent film starring myself and the rest of the crew, but for now I think i'll try focusing more on the small stuff. I honestly have nothing else to add to this stupid description so I guess I will get going. I hope to keep this site updated as much as possible and if you do seem to appreciate my videos then please sign the damn guestbook. And no hate mail in the guestbook, if you want to bitch then e-mail me or just fold it up neatly in an envelope and shove it. Peace.

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