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Fun With Friends 2

1.) This movie was compiled with footage that was made before the first Fun With Friends.

2.) Purdins revenge on Nick Adame was filmed while Nick and Zach were cutting off the match heads for the tennis ball bomb segment.

3.) After Zach gets antiqued and sits up, he was turning off Purdin's unsaved game on Need For Speed: Carbon for Xbox 360 with his big toe. Purdin got pissed and chucked an extra handful of flour in his face.

4.) When Nick White got hit in the face with the tennis ball, Gentry and Gabe were both hiding out under blankets in hopes to confuse Nick when he woke up. The idea worked as planned. When Gentry and Gabe showed Nick the footage later that night, Nick blamed it all on special effects.

5.) Chance King is Gage King's little brother. The segment where Chance threw himself down the stairs was filmed way back in 2001. Gentry decided to add the segment to the video after cycling through some super old footage from way back in the day.

6.) All the pranks filmed on Nick White were all shot during the same night.

7.) The tennis ball bomb idea was originally taken from The Anarchist's Cookbook.

8.) Justin Hall is Dan Halls' older cousin.

9.) Travis Elmore was the kid featured at the very end of the short with the burger segment. It was filmed while him and Gentry were out camping in the mountains back in 2007.

1.) Gabe Jordan was in the background with his shirt off because he was awaiting to fight the winner. Unfortuantly, nobody really had any interest in doing another match.

Testicle Tazer

1.) Gage lifts his leg and farts at the beginning of Mitch's first attempt.

2.) The "sad" theme that plays after Mitch's second attempt is the theme for the movie Braveheart.

3.) Mitch forgot all his prizes at Gentry's house.

Fun With Friends

1.) This movie was compiled with over 6 months worth of footage.

2.) The tonsil segment was filmed when Gentry had a severe case of tonsillitis. He was rushed to Salt Lake City, Utah to have an emergency tonsillectomy the next day.

3.) It took over 3 takes to finally get the "thief" segment correct. Gentry kept laughing during every take.

4.) Brodie thought that Gentry was only going to sneak up on him and hit him over the head with the tissue box. Little did he know, Gentry was planning on shooting him with the BB gun the whole time.

5.) Jeffery makes his first cameo in this movie.


1.) This movie was a parody of Silence of the Lambs.

2.) At first, Brodie was embarrassed playing the role of such a sick & twisted character. Overtime, Brodie became very fond of the role after he was recognized for being a "internet celebrity" around the city.

3.) The furry handcuffs that Gentry were wearing were bought at the local Mini Mart just right down the street.

4.) Brodie requested to have his boxers taped to conceal his "manhood".

5.) Originally, after Gentry shoots out the stereo, he picks back up the gun and shoots Brodie an extra 3 times. Gentry cut it because he possibly wanted to create a sequel.

6.) Over 100 people believe that Gentry actually shot Brodie instead of the stereo. This is due to the lack of special effects during that sequence.

Gage & Gentry's Christmas Story

1.) The opening scene to this skit was cut since Gentry believed it was too violent for a christmas-like movie.

2.) Gentry had a horrible slur in his voice throughout the movie due to his retainer.

Thanksgiving Taste Test

1.) The Jones Soda pack was bought at the local Mini Mart just right down the street.

2.) This is Gentry's most hated movie and regrets it to this very day.

Halloween Costume

1.) Over 2 hours of trick-or-treating and only 2 people believed that the paper was really stapled.

Medieval Madness

1.) The weapons & armor were bought at the local Dollar Tree just right down the street.

2.) The night before shooting, the crew went around town sword fighting in front of stores and pharmacies.

3.) If you turn up your speakers enough, you can hear Jake say, "I'm not dead yet." when he stands back up.

4.) It took over 9 takes to get Gage's death scene correct. The crew were having trouble remembering the steps. The correct product was still not achieved.


1.) This movie was 98% improvised.

2.) That was not real alcohol that Ivan drank in this movie. It was just Cream Soda.


1.) This was the first skit made for Gentry's World.

2.) Gentry still questions what he was thinking when he made this skit.

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